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Sallet with Gorget

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Sallets developed from war hats in the first half of the 15th century, and they quickly became the standard helmet for all field armor. This head protection has a characteristic streamlined form and a horizontal eye slit in the helmet or visor. A sallet does not protect the lower third of the face, so it is often worn in combination with a gorget. When wearing a suit of armor, a knight would put his neck protection on first and then attach the harness to it. He would put his helmet on last.

Our sallet is a late variant (approx. 1480) with a movable visor. When the visor is closed it meets the gorget, but the knight inside would be able to turn his head easily. Both pieces are lined, and the helmet is made of 18 gauge carbon steel.

  • Sallet with gorget, 2-piece
  • With helmet
  • With gorget


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