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Epees and Rapiers


Buy rapiers & epees in our epee store

In our epee store you can buy hand-forged, battle-ready epees & rapiers made of hardened steel. Epees and rapiers are very special blades! With the increased advent of firearms from the 16th century onwards, heavy iron armor became less and less important - epees and rapiers became fashionable. These new weapons were especially suitable for stabbing techniques, but especially the swords made for the military remained much heavier and also suitable for blows. The sword is generally heavier and has a wider blade than the rapier. Our epee blades are made of hardened, high-quality carbon steel and are elaborately hand-forged. From the classic musketeer sword to the military officer sword, you will find a wide range of handle and blade shapes. Especially interesting are also our show-fight rapiers in silver and gold. We offer blades as decoration for the wall as well as rapiers with blunt tips suitable for show fighting. So if you want to buy a rapier or epee you are exactly right here at Supreme Replicas!

Things to know about our epees and rapiers.

There are a few things you should consider when you want to buy a rapier or epee. The sale is exclusively to persons over 18 years. In the household nobody under 18 years should have access to the decoration weapon. Fencing clubs that want to train and fence outdoors should get a written permission from the responsible district office in advance. Our epees and rapiers come with a matching sheath made of leather or metal. In general, however, it is forbidden to wear epees or rapiers in public. Sharp blank weapons should not only be packed, but should also be transported securely.

Care instructions for our epees and rapiers

Our epees and rapiers are delivered oiled. After receiving them, they should be cleaned first with e.g. WD-40 or Ballistol, so that they are freshly greased. The carbon steel of the blade is not stainless, but if the blade is greased regularly, an extremely long durability is guaranteed. The epee or rapier should not be stored permanently in the leather sheath, as the blade may discolor or rust. Regular care of the blade guarantees a very long durability.

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