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Product information

Welcome to our product information page, where you will find useful tips & tricks and suggestions about our products.

Discover interesting facts about the history of our weapons, care tips, useful hints for the purchase of blank weapons and information from the world of swords and armour.


Information & care tips for our blank weapons

Edged weapon care & storage ➤ 

To keep swords bright for the duration of their service lives, proper care is essential. Swords have a tendency to rust and dull – especially after being touched or coming into contact with oxygen. Observe the following care instructions to conserve the long term functionality and aesthetics of your sword.

Information on our edged weapons ➤ 

Edged weapons and replica armour from Supreme Replicas – How our supreme quality steel products are created.

Information on importing offensive weapons ➤ 

Please be sure that you are acting in compliance with the applicable national and local laws on offensive weapons. Before ordering, please become familiar with the laws on offensive weapons of your country (or the country of delivery).

Information on importing offensive weapons ➤ 

All of our products are also available to distributors, wholesalers, retailers, exhibitors, and resellers at attractive conditions. To register as a B2B customer, please fax or e-mail a letter of application and a copy of your trading license to us at: +49 (0)30 400 446 79 or resellers@supremereplicas.com.

Sword Knowledge

The Parts of a Sword ➤ 

If you want to talk swords, you’ve got to know the lingo. In an effort to be as specific as possible, we use technical terms in our product descriptions, so this article is to help you wrap your head around some sword basics, in particular the function and structure of each of its parts.

The Swords of European Antiquity ➤ 

In this Article we are dedicating some time to the swords of classical antiquity in Europe, for as we can see from the examples of the kopis, gladius, seax and spatha, it was this time period that most strongly influenced the development of the sword up through the Viking and medieval periods.

The Vikings and their swords ➤ 

The Vikings. They continue in the popular imagination as the epitome of wild warriors who once instilled fear and terror in all who knew of their unstoppable plundering, pillaging and conquering. Yet it wasn’t just an indisputably – and historically verified – warring nature that characterized the Nordic men. Nowadays we know a lot more about the Vikings, and they don’t exactly fit the image of the eternally fight-picking barbarian armed with a horned helmet whose only purpose in life is one violent heist after another.

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