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Norse Sword Stiklestad
Norse Sword Stiklestad
289,00 €
Classic Viking Sword
Classic Viking Sword
229,00 €
One Handed Hybrid Sword
One Handed Hybrid Sword
159,00 €
Viking Arm Protection - M/L -8%
Viking Arm Protection - M/L
59,90 € 64,90 €
Barbarian Helmet -40%
Barbarian Helmet
149,00 € 249,00 €
Viking hand axe - B-Ware
Viking hand axe - B-Ware
59,00 €
Damascus Viking Sword - Ballinderry
Damascus sword - Ballinderry
349,00 €
Parrying Dagger
Parrying Dagger
139,00 €
Italian Renaissance Stiletto -38%
Italian Renaissance Stiletto
49,90 € 79,90 €
299,00 €
Sword of Cassel -30%
Sword of Cassel
139,00 € 199,00 €
Two Handed Landsknecht Sword
Two Handed Landsknecht Sword
259,00 €
Original Robin Hood Sword -34%
Original Robin Hood Sword
119,00 € 179,00 €
Original Assassin's Creed Altair Throwing Dagger -46%
Original Assassin's Creed Altair Throwing Dagger
29,90 € 54,90 €
Crixus Trident -8%
Crixus Trident
119,00 € 129,00 €
Wheel of Time Saber -23%
Wheel of Time Saber
199,00 € 259,00 €
Sword of Calisto -25%
Sword of Calisto
119,00 € 159,00 €
The Lord of the Rings - sword of Boromir replica 1/1
Sword of Boromir replica 1/1
449,00 €
The Lord of the Rings - Eomer's sword Guthwine replica 1/1
Eomer's sword Guthwine replica 1/1
549,00 €
Game of Thrones - Sword of Jon Snow replica 1/1 Longclaw
Sword of Jon Snow replica 1/1 Longclaw
499,00 €
The Lord of the Rings - short sword of Frodo Sting replica 1/1
Short sword of Frodo Sting replica 1/1
349,00 €
Game of Thrones - Replica 1/1 Khal Drogos Arakh (100 cm)
Khal Drogos Arakh (100 cm)
499,00 €
The Lord of the Rings - sword of Aragorn replica 1/1
Sword of Aragorn replica 1/1
499,00 €
Warhammer with raven beak - B-Ware
Warhammer with raven beak - B-Ware
89,00 €
Renaissance battle axe with raven beak - B-Ware
Battle axe with raven beak - B-Ware
79,00 €
Flamberge two-handed sword - Gassenhauer - B-Ware
Bidenhänder - Gassenhauer - B-Ware
299,00 €
Crusader sword - B-Ware
Crusader sword - B-Ware
119,00 €
Jambiya Curved Dagger
Jambiya Curved Dagger
69,90 €
Assassin's Creed II Ezio Saber -28%
Assassin's Creed II Ezio Saber
129,00 € 179,00 €
Sword of Themistokles -19%
Sword of Themistokles
129,00 € 159,00 €
Mbala Machete -20%
Mbala Machete
39,90 € 49,90 €

Supreme Replicas - High quality swords and medieval weapons for decoration, stage fighting and reenactment 

The different types of swords, sabres, medieval axes etc. are not primarily seen as instruments of murder by many people. The historical context is often as important as the weapon itself. Whether a two-handed sword, Gladius, Shamshir or Viking sword, they were all products of their time and the different cultures from which they originated. The stories and events in which they played a role make up an important part of the fascination that comes from a melee weapon. Swords in particular have been a symbol of rulership, the law and justice for centuries. Many heroic legends give the sword an important place in the history of their heroes and  magical abilities were often ascribed to these blades. Also, the aesthetic value of these melee weapons is recognized everywhere and appreciated by many. A "beautiful sword" is not necessarily very elaborately decorated. Mainly balanced proportions and elegance create the beauty of such a weapon.

Getting in touch with history

Most of our weapons are based on historical models and are manufactured by experienced armourers. Almost every period of human history is represented with its typical melee weapons. In addition to historical weapons, we also offer various swords and other melee weapons from the world of fantasy, films and TV series, as well as other sources of inspiration such as computer games.

Combat-suited swords and training weapons

In principle, our weapons are intended for decoration, but we also offer a service to sharpen swords, sabres or daggers etc. Our weapons differ from a conventional e.g. decoration sword by the quality of the steel and the processing of the other components. That is why most of the models are suitable for combat and are very faithfully based on their antique, medieval or modern counterparts.

We offer melee weapons that are suitable for training, showfighting or other medieval martial arts in a separate category to make the selection of training weapons easy.

For many years Supreme Replicas has been offering you an extensive range of different melee weapons. Swords, sabres, axes, spears and halberds: you will find all these classic melee weapons in different versions. Are you looking for a medieval mace? The famous Roman short sword, a Gladius? A more modern military sabre like the one of the famous US cavalry or the shashka of the Russian Cossacks? Take some time and browse through our new online shop. We are sure that you will discover some jewels of the ancient art of weapon smithing!

Helmets and armour

We do not want to neglect the protective weapons either! The head is very vulnerable and a helmet has always been the most important part of the armor. Helmets were, like all other war equipment subject to a constant change, which was influenced by many different factors such as the existing knowledge about production, preferred tactics, costs, fashion, the development of the offensive weapons etc..

At Supreme Replicas we offer a selection of helmets from different eras. Bronze helmets of the Greek Hoplites or the famous helmets of the Roman legionnaires from antiquity are available as well as a variety of medieval helmets. There are e.g. iron hats, the small pot helmets of the crusaders, the well known nasal helmets and of course the one or the other Viking helmet.

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