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Mail gauntlets - Knight

Mail Gauntlets

Chain gloves for knights and warriors with wide plates at the base of the arm.

No. 120218

  • Color: black
  • Material: Steel, genuine leather

The hand that wields a sword is also the hand that has to be protected against the cut of an enemy blade. Leather gauntlets provide the minimum protection in this situation, but hands are more effectively protected when they're wearing. these Mail Gauntlets with steel plate cuffs. The principle is simple: this is a supple glove made of genuine leather with a layer of chain mail attached to the back of the hand and fingers. The wrist and cuff are covered with steel plates – a total of six per glove. With these comfortable and safe mail gauntlets, you are guaranteed a historically correct look for a variety of epochs from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance.
Included in delivery

  • One pair of mail gauntlets - Knight

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Mail Gauntlets
59,99 € 89,99 € (RRP)
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No. 120218
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