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Gothic Suit of Armour

Gothic Suit of Armour

Authentic italian knights armour

No. 120485

  • Color: silver
  • Material: Steel

The arms race between full suits of armor and medieval weapons with high penetrating force reached its zenith in the 14th century. Mail shirts with additional metal plates evolved into plate armor, which was designed to protect the entire body. The result was the archetypal "shining armor" that now decorates the halls of countless palaces and castles. Fourteenth century suits of armor were primarily manufactured by master armorers in Germany and Italy. These experts knew everything there was to know about human movement so they could create protective metal suits in which people could move freely. They were so good at their craft that NASA studied a suit of armor worn by Henry VIII when they were designing the first space suits in the 1960s.

Our Gothic suit of armor is an excellent example of Italian armor of the 15th century. It has many rounded shapes, is slightly asymmetrical, and cuts a massive figure. It consists of a cuirass with tassets and a matching back piece, complete arm and leg armor (greaves, iron shoes, iron gloves, elbow and knee bosses and shoulder guards). Our Gothic suit of armor comes with a hounskull helmet with a movable visor and bevor.

This product comes with a wooden stand so you can assemble and exhibit your handcrafted armor. The entire package weighs around 50 kg.

PLEASE NOTE: Special shipping due to increased weight. Shipping costs for this item are € 190,- within Germany. Limited delivery and payment terms apply. Other countries on request. Pick up in Berlin possible.
Included in delivery

  • Complete Gothic suit of armor
  • With helmet
  • With stand

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Gothic Suit of Armour
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No. 120485
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