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Teutonic Knights Surcoat


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The Teutonic Knights, the Hospitallers, and the Templar knights: all of these medieval orders dating back to Crusader days are still in existence today. Founded in 1190 by the German Brothers of St. Mary's Hospital in Jerusalem, they played an important role in the 3rd Crusade, were instrumental in the German drive to the East in the 13th century, and even founded their own Order-State.

Our Teutonic Knights surcoat is made of sturdy, heavyweight cotton. The large black cross pattee that dominates the front is easily identifiable on the white background. This sleeveless surcoat has slits below the hips and includes a braided, black wool belt (not shown).

  • Surcoat, 2-piece
  • With surcoat
  • With woolen belt (not shown)
  • Without any other garb or accessories shown

100% Cotton

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