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Sword frog - Josric

Broadsword Frog

No. 120203
  • Sword frog - Josric, 1-piece

  • Color: black
  • Material: Genuine leather

The paladin and the villain leave the market square – both are grinning happily. From the belt of the holy knight hangs a mighty broadsword, but the tiny villain only wears a short sword on his belt. Both of them can use the same type of frog – they have finally found something to explain the strong bond that has kept them together since they were washed up on the shore nine years ago... With our adjustable Sword frog - Josric, you will soon have one issue less to consider when choosing your next sword. The frog is made of 3 mm thick genuine leather. Leather loops are riveted to the frog so you can also fasten it to your belt. A leather sleeve that is open at the front is riveted to the main body of the frog. After you place your sword in the sleeve, you can use the leather straps with buckles to adjust the frog to fit your sword. The opening can be adjusted from a width of 4 cm and a depth of 2 cm to 8 cm wide and 6 cm deep. Now your weapon fits the frog perfectly!

Sword frog: approx. 10x10 cm

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  • Sword frog - Josric, 1-piece

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Broadsword Frog
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No. 120203
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