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Roman Scutum with Wing Ornament

Roman Scutum with Wing Ornament

No. 120351
  • Height: 114 cm
  • Width 58 cm
  • Thickness 1.3 cm
  • Weight: 8.69 kg

One of the pillars of the Roman legion's fighting tactics was the scutum. A legionary could successfully use a large, heavy Roman shield like this one as a complete barricade. This feature led to the development of numerous military tactics including the famous tortoise – or testudo – formation that contributed to the success of the Roman army. The Romans used scutums in war for centuries, but in the 1st century A.D. the rectangular shape prevailed over the oval form.

Our Roman scutum has a wing and tail ornament. Historically accurate, it is made of robust bent plywood stained dark brown. The boss and the wings on the front are made of steel and brass. At the back, two leather straps with buckles supplement the two grips so you can securely carry this Roman war scutum into battle.

Included in delivery

  • Roman scutum, 1-piece
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Roman Scutum with Wing Ornament
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No. 120351
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