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Qama Knife

Qama Knife
Qama Knife Qama Knife Qama Knife

No. 120531
  • Total length: 57 cm
  • Blade length: 44.5 cm
  • Grip length: 12.5 cm
  • Weight: 0.61 kg
  • Blade thickness (base): 4 mm
  • Blade width (base): 5 cm
  • Point of Balance (PoB): 9 cm


We will only deliver this product to a legal adult.

The shape of the qama knife, especially its blade, is similar to that of a Roman gladius. Used from Persia to the Caucasus, the qama was also very much influenced by this weapon of Antiquity. The kindjal daggers used by the horsemen of the Caucasus are also very similar to qama knives. The double-edged blade of the qama comes to an extremely acute point, which means this weapon is able to deliver outstanding cuts and thrusts. Although our qama knife does not have any fullers, its low weight and excellent balance make it a very impressive weapon. Buffalo horn plates are riveted to the tang of the blade to form the grip. This results in an impressively stable, hard-wearing knife.

This qama knife includes a sheath made of genuine leather featuring a mount and chape.

Included in delivery

  • Qama knife, 2-piece

  • With long knife

  • With leather sheath

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Qama Knife
Qama Knife Qama Knife Qama Knife
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No. 120531
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