Over 70 New Products Online Now

Presenting our latest arrivals: we’ve added over 70 new products to the supremereplicas.com online shop! They range from enchanting edged weapons to dignified garb – and this time, we also have foam weapons that were designed with kids in mind, steampunk clothing, and appealing collector’s items such as official movie replicas. Check our shipping information table for delivery times.

Your edged weapon specialists

Of course we wouldn’t be called supremereplicas.com if we didn’t put new edged weapons in our collection regularly. We’re your source for short swords, one handed swords, hand and a half swords or two handed swords. We’ve added two very handsome medieval swords to our stately collection of edged weapons made of tempered carbon steel. On the one hand, we have a new English bastard sword with sword belt and scabbard inspired by the ones used in the battle of Braham Moor. On the other, the Robin Hood King John sword, a replica of the one King John used in the movie “Robin Hood.” The Indian war club made of genuine wood is a weapon of wild beauty – many indigenous peoples used weapons like these to drive away their enemies. Speaking of wood… A special highlight of the new arrivals is the fantastic lightsaber made of genuine wood. The perfect practice weapon, it’s a perfect match to the Star Wars Anakin Skywalker leather belt or the Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi leather belt.

Full steam ahead!

This way to our new, authentic steampunk clothing and accessories. Mainly inspired by the fashion of the Victorian Age, our steampunk outfits for ladies and gentlemen feature creative designs and playfully sophisticated details. A steampunk corset, the Ulster coat in black cotton, a pilot cap with goggles or a steampunk wallet – we have the garb and accessories for a fantastic voyage through time. Let us be your outfitters!

Adventure for kids

We are especially proud of our Fantasy Adventures brand of LARP weapons for kids. These special padded weapons made of high quality foam finished with a coat of hard-wearing natural latex are designed for safe, imaginative fun. The shields and swords of ancient Rome, the Vikings and the Middle Ages served as prototypes for these safe toy weapons that look like the real thing. Your kids will feel like real heroes and adventurers while playing with Fantasy Adventures foam weapons – and you won’t have to worry about their safety.

From your crew at supremereplicas.com